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PRIVILEGED LOCATION Near the university of Costa Rica


University Residence Alma Mater, Costa Rica

University Residence
Alma Mater

Residencia Universitaria Alma Mater offers international students visiting the University of Costa Rica an attractive alternative to the “home-stays” with Costa Rican families that UCR´s International Office typically arranges. This is particularly appealing to those students who want greater privacy and comfort, in a safe, pleasant and student-friendly environment.

Instead of the typical “home-stay” with its inherent limitations, our Residence will give you the quality standards and conveniences that foreign students are accustomed to. Our location very close to the University allows you to go walking to UCR and gives you a greater sense of being part of the university community as well as a sense of safety and security.

With our specially discounted monthly rates you will get quality housing at a very reasonable cost, allowing you to set aside part of your student budget for traveling and exploring the country, thus enhancing your Costa Rican experience.

“Residencia Universitaria Alma Mater” is oriented to a younger clientele, conceived to satisfy the special needs of visiting students. The Residence offers spaces designed for the different aspects of student living: private rooms with all the conveniences for study, relaxation and sleep, combined with common areas for group-work or individual study, as well as for social interaction with fellow students.

Living together and sharing experiences with your peers in a multicultural environment, fosters personal and professional growth and promotes a better understanding of other cultures, making it easier for you to take full advantage of your study abroad opportunity.

The Residence is walking distance to the University of Costa Rica, and only 3 blocks away at the Sport Facilities you take the UCR’s bus (free) that goes around the University (avoiding the cost and time of transport). With the Sport Facilities being so close, is like having a park near the Residence, ideal for exercising or leisure (protected by UCR police).

Also 3 blocks from the Residence is the Sabanilla bus stop, a convenient and inexpensive way to go to downtown San José. We are walking distance to the lively university district of San Pedro, with its small restaurants, bars and boutiques. The upscale neighborhoods of Los Yoses and Barrio Escalante, with their fine dining and entertainment, are 15 minutes by car.

The proximity to the University encourages students to become actively involved in learning opportunities beyond the classrooms, taking advantage of the best UCR and the university district of San Pedro has to offer.

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for International Students visiting the University of Costa Rica at
University Residence Alma Mater.

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